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Grand Court of Washington

Order of the Amaranth


Website Guidelines

  • The web committee, has the responsibility to ensure that all information published on the Amaranth website conforms with Supreme Council and Grand Court requirements.
  • Send all information for the Website to the web committee; do not send articles directly to the Webmaster or anyone else. Once approved for publication, the web committee will submit the information to the web master for publication. Timing for publication, if no changes are required, is approximately 5 days, longer for information submitted in a hard-copy format.
  • Format: Electronic submission is preferred, however if electronic format is not available, send hard copy information to Bill Cooper; see the official book for his address. Timing for publication for articles submitted via snail mail are subject to the timing of the US Postal Service and conversion to an electronic format.
  • Documents should be in a word format or a rich text format .rtf. prior to submitting.
  • Pictures: ‘jpeg – preferred’ ‘gif – okay’
Use of the Official Amaranth Logo is governed by U.S. Copyright Laws.
The Grand Court of Washington operates under authority of a Charter issued by the Supreme Council, Order of the Amaranth, Inc.
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