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Grand Court of Washington

Order of the Amaranth


Newsletter Submittal Guidelines

  • Length of article: maximum of 250 words; sent in Word format
  • The Newsletter Chairman has the responsibility of proofing each article for format, grammar, spelling, and clarity with the exception of the GRM & GRP’s articles.
  • Pictures: jpeg or gif format

Newsletter Subscription

  • To subscribe, download the Newsletter Subscription Form below.
  • The first Newsletter edition of the year will be sent to all members of Washington Grand Court and will be budgeted and paid by Grand Court. All other editions for the year will be sent out through email to all members who have an email on file with the Grand Secretary and posted on the Washington Amaranth Website. There will not be a subscription fee for email service.
  • Members that have a current subscription, will receive three copies of the newsletter through regular mail in addition to email. At the end of their subscription, they have the choice of renewing their subscription at the new rate of $6.00 per year (subject to increase based on postage and printing costs), or receiving their newsletter via email at no fee.
  • Members who prefer to receive their newsletter through standard mail may subscribe to the newsletter for $6.00 (subject to increase based on postage and printing costs) per year beginning the year of 2010.
  • Each individual is responsible to ensure they have a current email and postal address listed with the Newsletter Chairman.
  • The Newsletter Chairman will maintain the subscription list, email and postal addresses and provide same to the subsequent chairman.
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