Grand Court of Washington

Order of the Amaranth


Grand Elected Officers

Office Name
Grand Royal Matron HL Joy Peters
Grand Royal Patron SK Blair Thisted
Grand Associate Matron HL Andrea Ames
Grand Associate Patron SK Brian Wheeler
Grand Treasurer HL Vicki Chamberlain
Grand Secretary HL Linda Millo
Grand Conductress HL Lori Hanson
Grand Associate Conductress HL Jenny Harsin-Reed
Chairman Grand Trustees HL Anne Beaton
Grand Trustee 2 Yr. HL Donna Hoffman
Grand Trustee 3 Yr. SK Glenn Ryder
Chief Comm. of Appeals HL Jean Mix
Comm. of Appeals 2 Yr. HL Heather Hughes
Comm. of Appeals 3 Yr. SK Bill Lowery

Grand Court Officers

Office Name
Grand Prelate HL Jennifer McGilvery
Grand Marshal HL Kathy Thisted
Grand Marshal in the East HL Ramona McNeil
Grand Marshal in the West HL Chris Werre
Grand Lecturer HL Karen Ekrem
Grand Standard Bearer HL Carol Stobbe
Grand Historian HL Carolyn Adams
Grand Fraternal Correspondent HL Diane Roe
Grand Truth HL Jeannette Vanderby
Grand Faith HL Laura Hill
Grand Wisdom HL Sally Dale
Grand Charity HL Samantha Glenn
Grand Musician SK Jackie Ketchel
Grand Warder SK Bill Cooper
Grand Sentinel SK Kyle Mix
Grand Page HL Hilde Thorkildsen
Grand Crown Bearer HL Virginia Anicker
Grand Sword Bearer SK Darrel Smith

Grand Court Reps

Office Name
Grand Representative to Alabama HL Kathy Smith
Grand Representative to Alaska SK Fred Docker
Grand Representative to Arizona SK Allan Moulden
Grand Representative to Arkansas HL Jan Doré
Grand Representative to California HL Liz Seldon
Grand Representative to Colorado SK Richard Moulden
Grand Representative to Connecticut HL Amy Waggener
Grand Representative to Florida SK Rex Reardon
Grand Representative to Georgia SK John Chamberlain
Grand Representative to Idaho HL Leanndra Ickes
Grand Representative to Illinois HL Bonnie McCroskey
Grand Representative to Indiana SK Darrell Thomé
Grand Representative to Iowa SK Dave McCroskey
Grand Representative to Kentucky SK Bob Lindkvist
Grand Representative to Louisiana HL Ellen Sumner
Grand Representative to Massachusetts HL Teresa Hartz
Grand Representative to Missouri HL Linda Roblee
Grand Representative to New Jersey HL Diane Rice
Grand Representative to New Mexico SK Jack Hutchins Jr.
Grand Representative to New South Wales SK Mac McGilvery
Grand Representative to New York HL Kimberly Riley
Grand Representative to North Carolina SK Larry Winchester
Grand Representative to Ohio HL Kathleen Bechler
Grand Representative to Oklahoma HL Ti Hendershot
Grand Representative to Ontario SK Jack Hutchins
Grand Representative to Oregon HL April Ezekiel
Grand Representative to Pennsylvania HL Carol Thomé
Grand Representative to the Philippines SK Brian Bechler
Grand Representative to South Carolina HL Peggy Williams
Grand Representative to Tennessee HL Janet Walsh
Grand Representative to Virginia HL Marilyn Northrup
Grand Representative to Wisconsin HL Lynne Young

Assistant Grand Lecturers

Office Name
Assistant Grand Lecturer HL Tonia Alderman
Assistant Grand Lecturer SK Fred Anicker
Assistant Grand Lecturer HL Kathy Aniker
Assistant Grand Lecturer SK Arly Buchanan
Assistant Grand Lecturer HL Julie Dieu
Assistant Grand Lecturer HL Melody Dorning
Assistant Grand Lecturer HL Lauren Hefflin
Assistant Grand Lecturer HL Bonita Huchins
Assistant Grand Lecturer HL Tamaria Lell
Assistant Grand Lecturer SK Tom Lelli
Assistant Grand Lecturer SK Don O’Neill
Assistant Grand Lecturer HL Jill O’Neill-Dell
Assistant Grand Lecturer HL Ann Phelan
Assistant Grand Lecturer HL Nita Rinehart
Assistant Grand Lecturer SK Merle Smith

Grand Court Committees

Office Name
Addresses and Distributions Chair: Priscilla Schwab
Kathleen Bechler, Jacque Engle, John Chamberlain, Karen Eldridge
Audit Chair: Sonja Thorkildsen
Ginny Docker, Leanndra Ickes, Tracey Squires, Michelle Wheeler
Budget Chair of Trustees: Anne Beaton
Finance Committee, Grand Trustees
Credentials Chair: Sandra K. Henry
Karen Eckrem, Donna K. Hoffman, Diane Roe, Bill Lowery
Delinquent Reports Chair:Sharon Dela Cruz
Carolyn Adams, Dee Moody, Jill Dell, Don O’Neill
Dispensations and Charters Chair: Ruth McCasland
Ernie McCasland, Melissa Lanning, Jennifer McGilvery, Dee Moody
Elections Chair: Tony Schwab
Darrel Smith, Jack Hutchins, Jr., Arly Buchanan, Gary Lewis
Finance Chair: Carolyn Adams
Kathy Anicker, Ramona McNeil, Michael Riley, Kathy Thisted, Sue Gibbs
Fraternal Relations Chair: Bill Lowery
Bill Cooper, Susan Johnson, Kyle Mix
Grand Court Annual Session Chair: Cathy Smith
Ginny Docker, Tammy Ryder, Richard Moulden
Grand Court By Laws Chair: Kim Knutsen
Lori Kellison, Darrel Smith, Virginia Anicker, Lori Hanson, Leanndra Ickes
Jurisprudence Chair: Dorothy Kippie
Chris Werre, Camille Lowery, Linda Millo, Brian Wheeler, Jack Hutchins, Jr., Richard Broemeling
Leadership Training Katy Lanning, Martin Monk, Michael Riley, Kimberly Riley, Sandra Monk
Necrology Linda Millo
Vicki Chamberlain, Sally Dale, Teresa Hartz, Dee Moody
Press Frank Rrinehart
David Daily, Tracey Squires, Vicki Chamberlain
Printing Lyndsay Sherfield
Tom Crawford, Emily Hoffman, Carol Thome’, Darrel Thome’
Publications (Newsletter) Chair: Camille Lowery
Diana Alderman, Chris Werre, Ginny Docker, Heather Hughes
Registration Chair: Brenda Petersen
Cathy Smith, Carolie Larson, Virginia Anicker, Kathy Anicker
Sound Chair: Steve Powell
Don O’Neill, Lauren Hefflin
Subordinate Court Advisory Chair: Richard Noulden
Allan Moulden, Diana Moulden, Martin Monk, Sandra Monk
Subordinate Court Rules and Regulations Chair: Bonita Hutchins
Chuck Craig, Tonia Alderman, Diane Moulden, Glen Ryder
Web Committee Chair: Bill Cooper
Michael Riley, Melissa Lanning, Frank Rinehart, Kathy Thisted, Bill Lowery

Grand Court Special Committees

Office Name
Diabetes Coordinator Tonia Alderman
Dorothy Kippie, Leandra Ickes, Diane Roe
Diabetes Benefit Frank & Nita Rinehart
Jenny Harsin, Michelle Wheeler, Donna K. Hoffman, Angela & Lee HeydLauff
DRB Assistants: Diana Alderman, Tonia Alderman, Michelle Chaney, Melanie Copeland, Sharon Dela Cruz, Ginny Docker, Melody Dorning, Lauren Hefflin, Suzanne Johnson, Linda Millo, Brenda Pedersen, Diane Rice, Diane Roe
Scholarship Tammy & Glen Ryder
Jenny Harsin, Peggy Rendt, Victoria Rendt, Brenda Pedersen, Sonja Thorkildsen
Scholarship Benefit Ann Phelan
Diana Moulden & Sara DeBord
Crown & Sword Tom Crawford
Picnic & Campout Lori Hanson & Jenny Harsin
Official Book Kathy Thisted
Membership Lori Hanson & Jenny Harsin
Parlimentarian Kim Knutsen
Philanthropic Suzanne Johnson
Proceedings Linda Millo
Sunshine – East Christine Bippes
Sunshine – West Virginia Anicker

Grand Court Session Special Committees

Office Name
Courtesy Jennifer McGilvery
Diana Alderman, Ti Hendershot, Susan Broemeling, Karen Moody, Tracey Squires
Decorations Michelle Chaney
Masonic Family Night Diana Moulden
Meal Coordinator Ginny Docker
Wednesday’s Dinner Bonita Hutchins
Thursday’s Lunch Ginny Docker
Thursday’s Dinner Diana Moulden
Friday’s Lunch Michelle Wheeler
Banquet Susan & Richard Broemeling
New Officer’s Lunch Donna Hoffman & Bill lowery
Session Ad Book Taylor Lanning
Tours Chair: Dorothy Kippie
Marcia Halstead, Camille Lowery
Transportation Chair: Jack Hutchins
Allen Moulden, Tom Crawford, Darell Smith
Vendors Chair: Carolie Larson

Benevolent Foundation

This information can be found in the Member’s Only section

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