Coldwell Banker Bain partners with the Grand Court of Washington to fight diabetes

Sean Heath                          Caldwell Banker Bain partners with the Grand Court of Washington 

Coldwell Banker Bain Realtor Sean Heath, has created a unique relationship with the Grand Court of Washington Order of the Amaranth, to raise money for Diabetes Research.

Each time a Washington Amaranth member or their friend or relative buys or sells a home with Sean Heath, Sean and Coldwell Banker Bain will donate an amount equal to 10 percent of his commission to the Grand Court of Washington for Diabetes Research.

Important Facts

  • This is a fixed 10% from Sean’s commission; it is not an additional fee to the transaction.
  • No Amaranth contact lists are shared with Sean or Caldwell Banker Bain. All contacts are coordinated through the Amaranth representative, Kären Ekrem ( or directly through Sean (

How does it work?

  • When one of our members is planning to buy or sell a home, or knows someone who is, and they are interested in supporting raising money for Diabetes Research, they contact Sean Heath directly using the following email: and, identify that they would like to have the Grand Court of Washington benefit from their realty actions for the purpose of diabetes research. 
  • Or,They may contact the Amaranth liaison, Kären Ekrem, using the following email: or phone number 206-819-3044.

Get Started Now!

I am interested in discussing how the sale of my home or the purchase of a home can also benefit raising funds for Diabetes Research and would like to be contact by Sean Heath.

Complete the box below and an automated email will be sent to Sean Heath and Kären Ekrem. You will be contacted within 48 hours.